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Configuration Management Benchmarking Group
Regional Workshop in China

Submitted by Rick Harris, CM Lead, Duke Energy’s McGuire Nuclear Station, Charlotte, NC, USA

On April 23-27, 2001 the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) conducted a workshop in China on the topics of Configuration Management and Managing Safety During Outages. The workshop was held in Haiyan, China near the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant. This was one of several workshops that the IAEA is conducting due to an interest in Configuration Management (CM) by several countries, in part due to a new IAEA guideline document to be issued soon. I was one of three "Foreign Expert Lecturers;" the others were from IAEA and from British Energy.

Participants at the conference came from each of the China’s nuclear power plants. They have three operating units (Qinshan 1and Daya Bay 1,2) and another eight units planned or under construction (Qinshan 2,3, Qinshan 4,5, Tianwan 1,2 and Ling Ao 1,2.)

With so many units planned or under construction an important issue for them is that they don’t lose Configuration Management as they commission their newer units. The final days of construction and startup is a critical time for any nuclear plant when many field changes are being made and the organization is in transition from a construction mode to an operating mode. The Chinese are using this opportunity to plan carefully so that they capture all the changes.

This was an excellent opportunity to provide some representatives of the Chinese nuclear program with the CM model described in ANSI/NIRMA CM 1.0-2000. This model is reinforced by the pending IAEA guideline document, which is available on this web site


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