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Configuration Management Benchmarking Group
Regional Workshop in Hungary

Submitted by Rick Harris, CM Lead, Duke Energy’s McGuire Nuclear Station, Charlotte, NC, USA

From June 23-27, 2003 I attended a regional CM workshop in Paks, Hungary sponsored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for countries with former Soviet designed reactors. Attendees were from Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. The other experts were Zoran Heruc from the Krsko plant in Slovenia, Vojtech Kotyza (IAEA) and Andrei Kosilov (IAEA). Fortunately for me the workshop was conducted in English!

The experts made presentations ranging from the fundamentals of Configuration Management to practical experience in the replacement of Steam Generators at Krsko. Each participating county made a presentation on the status of CM in their country. We also enjoyed a tour of the Paks nuclear station and a tour of their training facility that includes a full scale reactor, steam generator and other major components from a cancelled nuclear plant of the same design, a 440 MWe pressurizer water reactor called a WWER-440, referring to the fact that it is water cooled and water moderated."

During the workshop the participants' discussions demonstrated that Configuration Management has been recognized as a very important factor in the operation of nuclear power plants. Despite the fact that their facilities were in various stages of CM development, they showed a common understanding of CM principles.

At the end of the workshop it was recommended that we increase CM awareness through regional workshops and CM training programs at the facilities, which should include management. Based on workshops, topic-specific meeting should be organized enabling sharing of experience and identification of common problems for solution development through regional IAEA projects.


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