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Configuration Management Benchmarking Group
2003 Conference Presentations and Breakout Sessions



History of the CMBG "A Decade of Sharing" - Mike Stout - PPL Susquehanna

CM Fundamentals (CM101) - Judy Schulte - Duke Energy

INPO Update & OEO Initiative - David Farr - INPO

Capturing and Using Valuable Undocumented Knowledge - Lewis F. Hanes - EPRI

Key Performance Indicators - Lloyd Hancock - LRH Consulting

NEI Update - Vince Gilbert - NEI

NEW CMBG Principles and Practices - Mike Stout - PPL Susquehanna

Calculation Management Progress Report - John Rothe - PPL Susquehanna

Operational Configuration Management - David Woodfin - First Energy Corp

A Business Case for Information Quality - Danie Saaiman- Spescom

Control of Part level information - Sam Melton - Progress Energy

CM Community of Practice Update - Mike Stout - PPL Susquehanna

IAEA Update - Andrei Kossilov - IAEA


Breakout Sessions

Break Out 1 (MBOA1) - CM Training

Break Out 2 (MBOA2) - CM For Abandoned Equipment

Break Out 3 (MBOB1) - Equipment Database Management

Break Out 4 (MBOB2) - INPO CM Evaluation Criteria

Workshop 1 (WS1) - Performance Indicators

Break Out 5 (TBOA1) - Operational Plant Status Control

Break Out 6 (TBOA2) - Design and License Basis Maintenance

Break Out 7 (TBOB1) - Electronic Approval Workflow

Break Out 8 (TBOB2) - CM Self Assessment

Workshop 2 (WS2) - CM Process for Controlling Changes to Calculations


Benchmarking Exchange


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