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Configuration Management Benchmarking Group
2005 Conference Presentations and Breakout Sessions



FENOC Welcome - Challenges We Face - Jim Powers, Director Fleet Engineering, FENOC

History of the CMBG Mike Stout, CMBG Steering Committee Chair

CM Fundamentals (CM101) - Rick Harris - Duke Energy

NRC CM Pilot Inspections John Reddington/Bill Kline, FENOC

Vendor Technical Information Bill Kline, FENOC

Temp Mods and Temporary Alterations Beth Kernes Krause, Cooper Station

Maintaining Plant Configuration - INPO Perspective of Industry Performance Steve Nichols, Mgr. Engineering INPO

NITSL Community of Practice Steve Deskevich, NITSL Exec. Committee

Revision to INPO AP-929 Overview of Changes Steering Committee/COP Update Yucca Mountain Update Mike Stout, CMBG Steering Committee

"The Mars Exploration Rovers: Historical Views, Configuration Management, and Future Possibilities" Bryan Palaszewski, Leader Advanced Fuels NASA John H. Glenn Research Center Sorry, this presentation is unavailable due to the size (74MB).

CMBG Performance Indicator Subcommittee Lloyd Hancock, CMBG Subcommittee Chair


Breakout Sessions

Break Out 1 (B1) - CM of Digital Equipment

Break Out 2 (B2) - Temp Mods/Temporary Alterations

Break Out 3 (B3) - CM and License Renewal

Break Out 4 (B4) - Drawing Controls, Master Equipment List

Workshop 1 (W1) - CM of Design & Operating Margin

Break Out 5 (B5) - AP-929 Revision, How to Implement

Break Out 6 (B6) - CM Organization Structure

Break Out 7 (B7) - Operations & Maintenance CM Interfaces

Break Out 8 (B8) - Capturing CM Tribal Knowledge

Workshop 2 (W2) - Calculation Management


NASA Links

SBIR Fuels and Space Propellants Web Site:

Digital Learning Network - Student Videoconferencing Web Sites:


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